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Note By default, the response includes all the properties of the specified message.The following example shows how to use $select to specify returning only the Sender and Subject properties of the message in the response. Note By default, the response includes all the properties of the specified message.It also provides the same functionality in Microsoft accounts specifically in these domains: Hotmail.com, Live.com, MSN.com, Outlook.com, and Note For simplicity of reference, the rest of this article uses "Outlook.com" to include these Microsoft account domains.You can get a message collection or an individual message from a mailbox folder.Each message in the response contains multiple properties, including the Body property. If the body is HTML, by default, any potentially unsafe HTML (for example, Java Script) embedded in the Body property would be removed before the body content is returned in a REST response.Version 1.0 of the Outlook REST API is being deprecated.

Sample request Response type The requested message.

The functionality may differ depending on the specific version.

All Mail API requests are performed on behalf of the signed-in user unless specified.

By November 1, 2019, the v1.0 REST endpoint will be fully decommissioned, and the v1.0 documentation will be removed shortly afterwards.

Start migrating your app to use Outlook REST API in v1.0 of Microsoft Graph. The Outlook Mail API lets you read, create, and send messages and attachments, view and respond to event messages, and manage folders that are secured by Azure Active Directory in Office 365.

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Get messages | Synchronize messages | Create and send messages | Reply or reply all to messages | Forward new or drafted messages | Update messages | Delete messages | Move or copy messages |Manage Focused Inbox | Manage @-Mentions (preview) | Manage rules (preview) | Unsubscribe (preview) | Get language choices (preview) | Get time zone choices (preview) | Get mailbox settings | Get auto reply settings | Update auto reply settings | Get Mail Tips (preview) | Get attachments | Create attachments | Delete attachments Folder operations Mailbox folders can contain messages and other folders.

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